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Surgery is something we take very seriously at Ark Animal Hospital.  We understand that you want your furry family to be taken care of in a manner that ensures their safety and comfort.  Our doctors have extensive experience with the procedures we perform.  As an AAHA hospital, we follow strict guidelines for all aspects of each surgical procedure.


Pets are checked in between 7:30 am - 8:00 am the day of surgery (we do offer an overnight stay, the evening before surgery at no charge). One of our surgery assistants, will go over information with you that morning.  This allows us to verify the procedure and make sure that any requests are taken care of during your pet's stay with us.  In addition, any questions you have concerning your pet's surgery are addressed before you leave that morning. Most surgeries are discharged the same day and a discharge appointment will be made for that afternoon.  This appointment is scheduled with the doctor that performed the surgery.  He/She will go over at home instructions and answer any questions you have before you leave that afternoon.

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Be assured that your pet will be cared for throughout their stay with us. Each pet is examined by our doctor prior to anesthesia. Our hospital does recommend pre-surgical bloodwork prior to anesthesia.  The bloodwork results helps them make the best anesthetic choice for your pet. Before anesthesia, pre-anesthetic pain medication is administered to all patients.  This helps ensure a comfortable procedure and recovery.  Each patient is monitored before, during and after the procedure to ensure the safest outcome.  Take home pain medication is included in most procedures and available to all.

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Our staff will call the day after surgery to check on the recovery of your pet and answer any questions.


Our veterinarians and staff understand that scheduling surgery for your furry family can be a scary experience.  We want to make it as pleasant as possible.  Call us today and let us answer any questions you may have concerning your pet's potential surgery.