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Our receptionists are our life line!  They connect you with the doctors.  They make sure you get the answers to your questions and that the needs of your pet and you are met.  They are very knowledgeable about our heartworm products, flea preventatives and pet food. We offer a full line of these products, and they can help you make the right choice. Specials and rebates are available on most products. They can also assist you in choosing the perfect doctor for you and your pet.  They can schedule appointments and give information concerning costs and procedures. Give them a call!






Our assistants are well trained on the recommendations of our hospital.  They will help you make vaccine choices based on your pet’s lifestyle.  They have a wealth of knowledge concerning parasites and other issues affecting your pet.  They love new puppies and kittens and enjoying educating new owners on everything from food to spay and neuter procedures. As pets mature, nutritional needs, frequency of exams and a number of other issues arise.   Ask them questions!

Head Veterinary





Lisa R

Our surgical assistants are top notch.  Their main concern is your pet.  They are involved in every aspect of your pet's surgery.  They go over your requests and make sure all information concerning the procedure is in order.  Next, they assist the surgeon in a thorough pre-surgical exam.  Pre-surgical blood work is processed and the results reviewed with the surgeon before the procedure.  They monitor the pet throughout the entire procedure.  This includes heart rate and temperature.  Your pet is monitored after surgery to ensure a full recovery.  The comfort of your pet is of great concern, and they are observed for indications of distress or discomfort. When your pet is discharged, they will go over medications and recommendations for your pet's recovery.  They are available for questions throughout the day.




Our kennel staff are our spoilers! They consider our boarders their extended family and treat them as such.  They welcome opportunities to give tours of our facility.  They love for families to call and check on their babies (gives them a chance to brag on your pets).




Lisa G.






Clinic Cats

Prince, DK

This guy came to us as a kitten over 12 years ago. His jobs include: monitoring reception area for cats that need reassurance, walking on keyboards, using employees as human treat dispensers, and living up to his name. (Prince).

Depending on who you ask, he is the sweetest cat ever. But, only if you are on of his chosen humans.


This guy has been with us for about six years. His tail was injured and he was taken to the Santa Rosa Shelter. We adopted him, amputated his tail and he has been part of our cat royalty ever since! 

He lives a magical life that includes endless treats (imagine everyone you see throughout the day, gives you a bag of skittles), monitoring computer screens for errors, and harassing Prince DK just like a little brother should. He sits just far enough away from him to make him scream, and then looks at you as if to say "What? I didn't even touch him."

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