Injury or Illness


We understand that when your pet has an illness
or is injured, it is a very stressful situation for you and your pet.  As pets are not able to tell us what is wrong, we are responsible for determining a solution.    Our veterinarians have access to a number of diagnostic tools to do just that. 


We have an in-house diagnostic laboratory that allows us to obtain results while your pet is in our hospital.  These tests include:  Urinalysis, heartworm tests, blood counts and blood profiles.   These results allow our veterinarians to obtain answers for your pet quickly.   We also have access to an outside laboratory for additional testing when necessary.


Digital radiography is also a helpful tool in diagnosing illness or injury.  The time required for x-ray evaluation is minimized with our in-house system.


If you feel there are concerns about your pet, do not hesitate to call for an appointment.  We are happy to help you - help your pet!