Boarding and Daycare

Going on vacation can be stressful for both owner and pets.  All pets are given individualized care while boarding with us. Our staff is trained to monitor your pet for any changes in behavior, eating, elimination and over all well-being. Our doctors are available to address any needs of your pet. All special instructions for your pet are well appreciated as this will ensure an enjoyable stay here with us. 

You are welcome to check on your pet(s) at any time during our business hours. 

Our staff will be happy to update you on your pet's stay.


Jessica C.




Lisa R.


Dr. Miller

We offer two different runs for our canines. Our standard run is ideal for single dogs or two small dogs. The deluxe run is ideal for big dogs or two dogs boarding together. Each dog has access to the inside air conditioning or heat. In addition they are taken outside to our courtyard to enjoy the fresh air numerous times during the day. 

*All canine(s) receive a complimentary nail trim during their stay with us. 

*All canines staying three nights or more will also receive a complimentary bath.




Dr. Sauser


For our feline guests we have our cat condos. The cat condos have their own private storage and a litter box area. Each condo has a clear back window positioned in front of our BIG window overlooking the courtyard. Your cat can relax and dream of catching the birds outside.


*Our cat room is separate from the dog kennels so our feline guests can have a pleasant stay.


Canine Boarding

Standard Run: $24.00 per night

Second Pet, Same Run: $12.00 per night

Second Pet, Separate Run: $19.20 per night

Deluxe Run $40 per night

Deluxe Run second pet: NO charge

Deluxe Run third pet: $13.00 per night

Day Care: $12.00 per day

*Capstar is required for boarding and is given upon arrival an day of pick up. This ensures a flea free visit!

Capstar Treatment under 25lbs is $6.25,

over 25lbs is $6.25.

Feline Boarding

Cat Condo: $20.00 per night

Second Pet Separate Condo: $16.00 per night


Pick up and Drop-Off Hours are

Monday thru Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm

Saturday: 8:00am to 12:30pm

Sunday pickup or drop-off are NOT available, also some holidays.